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V.1, No19 2018 Oct.12(Fri) ~ 2018 Oct.18(Thur) Tel 770-622-9600 email: The Korea Times Atlanta (Yonhap) -- “BDZ,” the first Japanese full-length album by South Korean girl band TWICE, has been certified platinum by Japan’s recording indus- try association, the group’s agency said Wednesday. The album, released on Sept. 12, re- cently received the certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan for selling more than 250,000 copies, JYP Entertainment said. It became the fifth album or song by the nine-member act to be certified platinum by the association after its Japanese debut compilation album “#TWICE,” and the three singles “One More Time,” “Candy Pop” and “Wake Me Up.” The latest album has stayed atop Ori- con’s daily songs chart for seven days since its release. It also took the top title on Billboard Japan’s “Hot Album,” “Download Album” and “Top Album Sales” lists. The band, currently on tour in Japan, is set to perform at the World Memo- rial Hall in Kobe from Oct. 12-14 and at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena in Tokyo on Oct. 16 and 17. On Oct. 28, it will hold a fan meet-and- greet event called “Once Halloween” on the outdoor stage of Yonsei Univer- sity to celebrate the third anniversary of its debut. (Yonhap) -- Zhao Tao, the wife and favorite actress of Jia Zhangke, has starred in all of feature films by the celebrated Chinese filmmaker since “Platform” in 2000. In her latest collab- oration with Jia, “Ash is Purest White,” Zhao plays a youngwoman, QiaoQiao, from a coal mining town who falls in love with a low-level local gangster, Bin. When Bin is attacked on the street by other gang members, she fires a gun that she illegally acquired to save him and is sentenced to five years in jail. “I think the most difficult thing about this role is having to portray life in a gangster underworld called ‘jianghu’,” Zhao said during an interview on Fri- day with Yonhap News Agency at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival. “Since I had nobody around me who belongs to the world, I needed many references to study the character.” And then she found the true story of a famous Chinese gangster woman, Xu Aizhen, who worked for an under- ground gang in Shanghai in ‘30s and ‘40s. “She married a gangster man, was convicted of spying for Japan dur- ing World War II. And then she mar- ried another gangster, went to prison and ran away to Japan ... Her life helped me imagine all about Qiao.” Playing a woman at three different stages of life in “Ash,” ranging from a 20-something dancer to a gangster woman in her 40s, was equally difficult, according to her. “For me, showing howQiao is changed from a naive young woman to a strong woman who lives in a man-centric gangster underworldwas tremendously important. I found all these were quite attractive, but it was really difficult to act.” Out of prison, Qiao tracks down the boyfriend who never visited her in jail and has moved to a town near Three Gorges Dam. That is where the road movie of Qiao starts. She meets various people on the road with the rapidly changing nation in the background like the main char- acters in “Still Life” (2006) do. “We actually traveled over 7,000 kilo- meters all over China while shooting the film for over six months. So we ac- tors had to repeatedly pack and unpack for each spot.” Maintaining the same tone and quality of acting during the long trip was chal- lenging, she recalled. During the interview, Zhao also spoke about how she was discovered and cast for Jia’s “Platform”. The director was looking for a native speaker of the Shanxi provincial dialect who could dance because the film fol- lows a group of twenty-something per- formers from a small town in the prov- ince as they face personal and societal changes. “I was a dance teacher at a college when Jia visited the school to pick one of my students for the film. When I came out of class, his assistant director told me that Jia wanted to work with me. So, I was picked at the final stage of the audition.” When she worked on “Still Life,” Zhao quit her teaching job and moved to Bei- jing to become a full-time actor. The project, which premiered in com- petition at the Cannes Film Festival in May to critical acclaim, was screened in Busan on Friday evening. Portraying life in mobster territory was most difficult TWICE’ s LP ‘BDZ’ certified platinum by Japanese industry association Members of girl group TWICE pose at the annual K-pop festival KCON at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles on Aug. 11, 2018, in this photo courtesy of CJ ENM. (Yonhap) This photo released by LG Electronics Inc. on Oct. 8, 2018, shows a signboard at Times Square in New York, the United States, featuring vid- eos of South Korean boy band BTS. (Yonhap) Chinese actress Zhao Tao of “Ash is Purest White” poses during an inter- view with Yonhap News Agency during the 23rd Busan International Film Festi- val in Busan on Oct. 5, 2018. (Yonhap) LG Electronics airs BTS video in New York’s Times (Yonhap) -- LG Electronics Inc. said Monday it aired a special vid- eo dedicated to South Korean boy band BTS at Times Square In New York to coincide with the K-pop group’s world tour. The tech giant said it aired the video, which included music clips and messages from fans, for 24 hours over the weekend. BTS wrapped up the American leg of its tour with a historic con- cert at the Citi Field baseball park on Saturday (U.S. time). The South Korean tech giant also operated a BTS Studio at the ven- ues of the concerts throughout the U.S., where visitors were allowed to test LG products such as smart- phones and speakers and enjoy various BTS-related content. “We are happy to communicate with younger consumers through marketing programs linked with the world tour of BTS,” LG Elec- tronics said. The company said it will continue to roll out various marketing pro- grams to expand communication with young consumers. Interview : Chinese actress Zhao Tao Actor Cho Jung-seok, singer Gummy get married (Yonhap) -- Actor Cho Jung-seok and ballad singer Park Ji-yeon, better known by her stage name Gummy, re- cently got married, their agencies said Monday. The two held a small ceremo- ny attended only by family members, JS Company and C-JeS Entertainment said. The date and venue of the wed- ding were not made public to protect their privacy. Cho has appeared in numerous tele- vision shows and films since 2011. He became recognized for his humorous role in the hit film, “Architecture 101,” in 2012. Gummy is widely known for her powerful and soulful voice.